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Advantage IQ Announces Milestone of 25,000 Average Megawatts of Data Under Management
Volume of data makes Advantage IQ the most informed energy manager in country

SPOKANE, Wash., Nov. 2, 2010 // -- Advantage IQ, Inc., a leading provider of energy and expense management programs, today announced the company has reached a milestone of 25,000 megawatts of energy data under management.  A key element of the growth in Advantage IQ's energy management business stems from access to extensive commercial and industrial energy usage data from across its significant base of North American clients.

"The tremendous growth of Advantage IQ's energy management business demonstrates our progress in becoming the market leading, trusted advisor to organizations seeking energy management counsel," says Jeff Heggedahl, president and chief executive officer at Advantage IQ. "We're working with our clients to maximize their business results by reducing expenses, managing risk and improving their environmental performance. Clients engaged in energy management practices can reduce a meaningful percentage of their energy costs, which has a significant positive effect on both their bottom line results and environmental impact."

According to the Energy Information Administration, data under Advantage IQ's management now exceeds 5 percent of the annualized national commercial and industrial load.

"Having access to 25,000 megawatts of data provides us with an unparalleled level of market and building performance information that we can leverage on each specific client's behalf. For our clients, we design and implement targeted and cost-effective energy management programs that result in informed purchasing decisions, refined operating procedures, reduced consumption and significant financial savings. Our clients have told us that they have invested the money they saved in energy management to fund other areas of strategic growth," continued Heggedahl.

Advantage IQ leverages the combination of market and client-specific data to help clients make targeted, informed decisions to improve energy management practices. Advanced data modeling is combined with financial and engineering analysis to vastly increase the velocity of effectiveness of the energy management programs Advantage IQ implements in support of its clients.

In addition to serving commercial and industrial businesses throughout North America, Advantage IQ, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ecos IQ, has established a bridge between electric utilities implementing energy efficiency and demand-side management programs and those clients served by Advantage IQ. "Advantage IQ and Ecos together create a compelling value proposition for utilities who are investing in cost-effective, verifiable energy efficiency measures and those businesses looking to reduce energy spend and improve return on investment. It is a win for the utility and a win for the commercial and industrial clients with our advanced, data-centric energy management services unlocking the value," adds Jon Thomson, president and chief executive officer of Ecos.

For additional information on how Advantage IQ can drastically reduce your company's energy consumption, please visit www.AdvantageIQ.com or call toll-free at 800-767-4197. To understand how Ecos can build a program that delivers results for utilities, please visit www.ecosconsulting.com or call 503-525-2700.

About Advantage IQ

Advantage IQ partners with fortune 1000 organizations to maximize business results through the reduction of energy expenses, managing risk and improving environmental performance.  These outcomes are achieved through performance reporting, energy supply management, carbon tracking, and expense management. Advantage IQ's patented systems provide online access to critical cost and consumption data that enables informed strategic management. Advantage IQ collaborates with clients to process, measure, analyze and improve resource administration in the key expense categories of energy, telecom, waste and lease. Advantage IQ is the primary non-regulated subsidiary of Avista Corp, NYSE: AVA. For more information about Advantage IQ, visit www.advantageiq.com or call (800)791-7564.

About Ecos

Ecos IQ. Inc. ("Ecos") provides professional services to utility partners across the United States with a focus on efficient energy management and continuous resource improvement. Utility and government/NGO clients hire Ecos to work with consumers and businesses to improve operational efficiency, make informed purchase decisions and reduce environmental impact. Ecos works in the regulatory environment by setting codes and standards for energy-consuming product efficiency and in the marketplace to deliver programs to business and consumers that promote the use of energy-saving technologies and changes in procurement and usage behavior. For more information about Ecos, visit www.ecosconsulting.com.

SOURCE Advantage IQ, Inc.

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