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Avista’s Home Energy Audit Demonstration Event is Monday, April 26
Avista’s Home Audit Energy Program


Avista Utilities, Spokane Mayor Mary Verner, Spokane Valley Deputy Mayor Greg Schimmels and Spokane County Commissioner Bonnie Mager will be unveiling Monday their new home energy audit program. By showing members of the local media how homeowners can benefit from an in-home energy audit that will identify ways they can save energy and money, we hope to encourage residents to take advantage of the program. Avista Utilities and the local governments have joined together to launch the two-year pilot program which offers qualifying homeowners living in Spokane County a professional home energy audit at a more affordable cost. These audits provide specific recommendations that will help homeowners make informed decisions about actions they can take to help save energy and money in the long run.


The program has received nearly $700,000 in federal stimulus funding, which will be matched by Avista as part of its ongoing energy efficiency initiative. Together, these funds will help offset a large portion of the cost for a professional home energy audit for qualifying residents.  


Join Avista and its partners for a short welcome and remarks from each of the local governments. Then, a certified auditor will conduct portions of a home audit for recording and photos. Of special interest will be seeing how a Blower Door Test exposes areas where energy is leaking from inside the home causing the home to waste energy. This is a very visual demonstration, using a smoke-generator that shows how an energy audit can help homeowners identify what needs repaired. 


This is the first opportunity for the media to see a home audit demonstration and learn more about the program. Interviews will also be available with representatives from the local governments and Avista.


WHO:                     Avista Utilities, Cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley, and Spokane County


WHERE:                3 West 27th Spokane, WA (residential home)


WHEN:                 Monday, April 26th



WHY:                      To encourage Spokane County homeowners to sign up for a home audit by demonstrating how an energy audit will help homeowners save energy and money on their utility bills


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