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Avista Helps Spokane Public Schools Save Energy and Dollars
Energy efficiency upgrades at district facilities qualify for rebates through popular Avista program


Feb. 23, 2011:
 By looking through a green lens, Spokane Public Schools (SPS) has become a model for reducing operating costs through energy efficiency. Energy efficiency improvements incorporated into the recent remodel of Shadle Park High School, Garfield and Longfellow Elementary Schools, and eight other district facilities have qualified for over $417,000 in energy efficiency rebates and incentives from Avista. The measures will save SPS approximately $167,000 in annual energy costs.

By installing high-efficiency boilers, chillers, water heaters, additional roof insulation and qualifying ENERGY STAR appliances and other measures as part of the remodeling projects, SPS will reduce their annual energy demand by more than 576,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and 119,000 therms. That’s enough energy savings to power 48 homes and provide natural gas service to 142 homes for a year.

Avista offers a number of energy efficiency programs to residential, commercial and industrial customers as a tool to help them reduce their energy usage and resulting costs. For over three decades Avista has offered the tariff-based programs because it generally costs less to help customers reduce their usage through energy efficiency programs than to acquire additional, more costly energy resources.

“The energy efficiency programs offered by Avista provide us with a great opportunity to assist our local schools as they achieve their energy efficiency goals and increase the sustainability of a valued community resource. It is a pleasure working with Spokane Public Schools, and we look forward to helping them continue their focus on energy efficiency,” said Ann Carey, Avista’s multi-site account executive.

Since 2005, Spokane Public Schools has completed nearly 150 different energy efficiency projects throughout the district. Projects from installing ENERGY STAR appliances and high-efficiency lighting to upgrading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems have contributed to an estimated saving of nearly 6 million kWh a year. That savings is enough to power 482 homes for one year. 

“Reducing energy use is a great example to set for our future generations. By upgrading our facilities, we are creating a better learning environment for our students and teaching them to be stewards of energy efficiency. We are grateful to Avista for providing opportunities that allow the school district to save energy, as well as taxpayer dollars,” said Spokane Public Schools Associate Superintendent Dr. Mark Anderson. 

Information on Avista’s range of energy efficiency programs and other energy management tools for residential, commercial and industrial customers is available at www.everylittlebit.com.

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