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Avista Hosts Transmission Project Open House
Plans to upgrade West Plains electric service facilities discussed

SPOKANE, Wash. – Feb. 19, 2007: Avista will host an open-house meeting to discuss plans to upgrade electric service lines between Medical Lake and the north side of Fairchild Air Force Base. The open-house will be held Feb. 22 at Medical Lake City Hall, 124 S. Lefevre, in the auditorium between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Avista plans to upgrade existing distribution service lines and extend a transmission line between the North Fairchild Substation (SR 2 & Dover Road) and the Silver Lake Substation (SR 902 & Bartholomew Road).

Demand for electricity in the West Plains area has grown substantially over the last few years, and Avista must upgrade distribution and transmission lines in order to meet that growth demand.

“Avista planners realize that there are impacts whenever we modify or add facilities and we encourage customer input to help us improve the planning process, said Dave James,. Avista transmission design manager

Engineers have completed work on the initial design and have established a baseline for the location of power poles, conductors, and other facilities. Over the next few months Avista’s real estate representatives will contact property owners along the route to work out exact details of structure placement, construction access, subsequent land use and other issues.

Avista plans to begin construction in July and complete the project in November. The transmission line is expected to cost $2 million. Upgrades at nearby substations and to the distribution system add an additional $500,000 to cost of the project.

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