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Avista Increases Energy Efficiency Rebates to Boost Customer Savings
New incentives added to program with many existing incentives doubling

Avista customers in Washington and Idaho are saving energy, money and the environment at the same time with the company’s new rebates on products used to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses.

 Long recognized for developing innovative programs and approaches to help customers increase their energy savings, Avista is now offering increased cash rebates for installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems, windows, lighting and much more.

 “We want to encourage our customers to think about how they use energy and help them see how even small changes can make a big difference,” said Bruce Folsom, Avista’s senior manager of demand side management. “Why do we help customers use less of our product? Because it is more cost-effective for Avista to offer rebates and incentives for energy saving improvements than it is for us to generate or purchase more energy. Every little bit that we and our customers do adds up.”

One of the newer products in the U.S. for household energy savings is the tankless water heater, a new addition to the Avista program with a $200 rebate. Traditional heaters store hot water until it is needed, resulting in heat loss that wastes energy and money. Tankless or instantaneous water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water, on demand, without having to keep a tank full with hot water. These units are considered a long-term energy investment.

Ground source heat pumps are another new addition to Avista’s rebate program with a $1,500 incentive. Because they use the earth's natural heat, ground source heat pumps are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies available. Similar to air source models, they use heat from the ground to provide heating, air conditioning and, in many cases, hot water. Installing a ground source heat pump is more suited for new construction and is also considered a long-term energy investment.

 However, many efficiency upgrades offer an attractive payback that is made even better through Avista’s increased incentives. The advantages of adding insulation to crawl spaces and attics and installing energy- efficient windows, for example, can be immediate and long-term. Plus, customers have the ability to control the largest energy user in a home when replacing older equipment or an electric heating source by choosing a high efficiency natural gas furnace or air source heat pump.

Energy efficiency is also an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, so in addition to saving energy and money, customers are doing something good for the environment. And so is Avista. The company has one of the smallest carbon footprints of the top 100 U.S. electric power producers.

Commercial and industrial customers will also benefit from the increased incentive levels. Popular upgrades that qualify for the rebates include lighting fixtures, food service equipment and demand controlled ventilation.

Complete information about the energy efficiency rebate program for residential and commercial improvements can be found at www.everylittlebit.com.

Here, customers can also use Avista’s home energy analyzer to see where their house might be losing energy and what they can do to improve its efficiency.

“Increasing the incentives of our energy-efficiency programs is one more way we are helping customers to save energy and money while reaching our energy efficiency goals,” Folsom said “It’s our responsibility to help our customers use the most efficient methods to meet their energy requirements.”

In 2007, Avista customers received more than $9 million in energy efficiency rebates and incentives which helped customers save 53.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 1.5 million therms of natural gas.

 Avista Corp. is an energy company involved in the production, transmission and distribution of energy as well as other energy-related businesses. Avista Utilities is our operating division that provides service to 352,000 electric and 311,000 natural gas customers in three Western states. Avista’s primary, non-regulated subsidiary is Advantage IQ. Our stock is traded under the ticker symbol “AVA.” For more information about Avista, please visit www.avistacorp.com Corp. and the Avista Corp. logo are trademarks of Avista Corporation.



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