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Avista Issues Electric Resource Plan
Preferred strategy relies heavily on renewable energy

Spokane, Wash.: SPOKANE, Wash. Sept. 4, 2007: Avista has completed its 2007 Electric Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that will guide future energy acquisitions to serve growing customer demand. The IRP calls for a greater amount of energy conservation, hydroelectric upgrades and new renewable power sources.

Avista updates its IRP every two years. The 2007 plan outlines a preferred resource strategy that calls for 350 MW of natural gas generation, 300 MW of wind, 87 MW of conservation, 38 MW of hydroelectric plant upgrades and 34 MW of other renewables by 2017. The plan also eliminates coal-based generation as a new resource.

The IRP was developed with the help of a Technical Advisory Committee made up of customers, utility commission staff, consumer advocates, academics, utility peers, government agencies and Avista employees.

“Future resource planning requires the balancing of acquiring reliable and cost-effective resources, while complying with new environmental standards.” said Clint Kalich, manager of resource planning.

Utilities in the state of Washington are required to meet renewable energy standards as set by Initiative 937. In addition, new coal plants were effectively banned by the Washington legislature. These shifts in public policy throughout the region have led to an accelerated demand for renewable resources, like wind power, and sharply increased their cost.

The IRP anticipates 2.3 percent annual growth in electric demand over the next 10 years. Avista estimates needing new energy resources to meet growing demand beginning about 2014.

Avista has submitted the IRP to state regulators for review. The document can be viewed online at http://www.avistautilities.com/resources/plans/electric.asp

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