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Avista Offers Tips For Managing Energy Costs During Cold Weather
Manage your comfort and your energy by applying energy efficiency tips and taking advantage of a number of services Avista has to offer


Nov. 22, 2010:  With the first single-digit temperatures and snowfall already afoot, Avista suggests checking your home’s air flow as one way to help stay comfortable while managing your energy bill.


Making sure door sweeps are in good condition will help prevent cold air from seeping in under doors. As a temporary measure, roll a towel and place at the base of exterior doors. Other no-cost suggestions include:

·         Set your heating thermostat at 68 degrees when you are home and reduce it a few degrees at night and when you are away.

·         If you have a ceiling fan, select the setting (forward or reverse) that will disperse the warm air collecting near the ceiling. The winter setting should be such that if you stand under the fan you feel no direct breeze.

·         Turn off kitchen, bath and other ventilating fans when you are done.  In one hour, these fans can pull a house full of warm air right out of the home.

·         Don’t block heating registers, move furniture to allow heat to flow freely, and make sure all return air openings are unobstructed.

·         Consider rearranging furniture so you are not spending time sitting in front of a window.

·         Close drapes and blinds to help keep the heat inside and the cold outside.

·         Add a sweater and an extra blanket to stay warm rather than adjusting the thermostat.

·         Replace your furnace air filter if you have not done so within the past month.

·         Restrict the use of your wood fireplace in extremely cold weather. Fireplaces can rob your home of heat provided by your heating system and reduce your comfort.

Avista offers billing options, such as Comfort Level Billing that can help you manage your energy bill each month. Energy efficiency programs like the home energy analyzer tool and home energy audits, energy efficiency incentives and rebates are also available to help customers manage their electricity and natural gas consumption. For information on Avista’s energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs that can help your home use less energy year round, visit www.Avistautilities.com where you can also find other energy information.

Avista Corp. is an energy company involved in the production, transmission and distribution of energy as well as other energy-related businesses.  Avista Utilities is our operating division that provides electric service to 357,000 customers and natural gas to 316,000 customers.  Our service territory covers 30,000 square miles in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of southern and eastern Oregon, with a population of 1.5 million.  Avista's primary, non-regulated subsidiary is Advantage IQ.  Our stock is traded under the ticker symbol "AVA."  For more information about Avista, please visit www.avistacorp.com.

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