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Avista Offers Tips for Keeping Holiday Lighting Affordable and Safe
Energy efficient holiday LED lights use less energy and can add less than a penny a day to your energy bill

Spokane, Wash.: SPOKANE, Wash. – Nov. 29, 2007: If you are purchasing new holiday lighting this season, Avista recommends switching to energy efficient LED lights - a step that will save electricity and help you better manage your seasonal energy bill.

LED lights, which are illuminated by electron movement in semi-conductor chips, use about 2 percent of the electricity needed to power conventional painted or ceramic-coated bulbs. Although LED lights are typically more costly than miniature lights and traditional C7 lights, the savings on your energy bill during the first year could cover the cost of the new lights. LED lights will also provide future savings since they typically last up to 10 years, do not typically require replacement bulbs, are less likely to overload a circuit, and are cool to the touch since they generate much less heat than other types of holiday lights. Additionally, LED lights are more durable than glass incandescent lights which mean less risk of electrical exposure due to broken bulbs.

Holiday Lighting Cost Comparison Chart

Another way to help manage your seasonal energy bill is to use a timer to automatically turn lights and yard inflatables on and off at a scheduled time. Be sure the timer is designed for the required amount of wattage.

When installing any type of holiday lighting, keep in mind the following safety tips:
. Watch for overhead powerlines when installing outdoor lights.
. Check lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections. Discard damaged sets.
. Do not overload outlets or extension cords.
. Unplug lights before watering the tree and keep cords and light sets away from the water.

For more energy conservation and safety tips, visit www.avistautilities.com/everylittlebit.
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