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Avista Offers Tips to Help Protect Your Home during Summer Electrical Storms
June 19-25 is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Spokane, Wash., June 24// -- With hot summer temperatures come the increased chance of electrical storms that can be dangerous to people and animals and that can damage homes and property. By becoming informed about lightning and following the safety tips below, you can better protect you and your loved ones and your property.

While in your home during an electrical storm, you should remember that lightning could enter a structure in three main ways:

. By a direct strike.
. Through the ground.
. Through wires or pipes that extended outside the structure.

Once in a home or structure, lighting can travel through the electrical, telephone, plumbing, radio and television systems. Therefore, during a thunderstorm you should:

. Stay away from windows and doors and stay off of porches.
. Unplug appliances and electronic equipment prior to the storm moving into your area. Typical surge protectors will not protect equipment from a lightning strike.
. Avoid contact with concrete walls and floors since they are likely to contain metal wires and bars that act as a conductor.
. Do not use a washing machine, clothes dryers or dishwasher since those appliances have contact with both the plumbing and electrical systems in your home and have path to the outside.
. If you will be away from home when thunderstorms are likely, unplug unneeded electrical equipment before you leave.
. Avoid contact with plumbing. Do not wash your hands, take a shower or bath, wash dishes or do the laundry.

Even if your home does not receive a direct lightning strike, your property could still be at risk since lightning can travel long distances through electrical and telephone lines, especially in rural areas. Lightning also creates electrical surges that can damage electronic equipment located some distance from a direct strike

For other safety tips and energy conservation information, visit Avista Utilities at www.avistautilities.com.

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