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Avista Partners with Providence Mount Carmel Hospital on Energy Savings
Hospital receives over $58,000 in Avista energy efficiency incentives for new medical center addition


Major energy efficiency improvements incorporated into the new 70,000 square foot addition to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital in Colville, Wash., has earned the hospital an Avista incentive check for over $58,000.


Providence Mount Carmel exceeded current Washington State commercial energy code by installing high efficiency equipment for building heating and domestic hot water boilers, air conditioning chillers, variable frequency drives on circulating pumps, lighting and food service equipment in the new addition. The upgrades qualified for the Avista incentives.

“Thanks to the guidance, knowledge, and support of Avista, who helped us build an energy efficient new building, we are pleased to receive this rebate check.  In addition, we recognize the value to our community for the long term benefits of having an energy efficient hospital.  We appreciate Avista for being a value added partner in our Building for the Future project,” said Robert D. Campbell, chief executive Stevens County Ministry and president Providence Mount Carmel Hospital.

The high efficiency equipment will reduce Providence Mount Carmel’s annual energy costs by almost $30,000 and save approximately 350,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and about 5,200 therms of natural gas. That’s enough to power 30 homes for a year and natural gas to serve six homes.


“We congratulate the team at Providence Mount Carmel Hospital for their work on making energy efficiency a priority in their new facility, especially their Engineering and Safety Manager Dave Quick who contributed significantly to the effort. These enhancements will benefit the hospital for years to come through reduced energy and operating costs,” said Bruce Folsom, Avista’s director of energy efficiency programming.


Avista offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates, incentives and other energy management tools for residential, commercial and industrial customers. For over three decades Avista has offered the tariff-based programs because generally it costs less to help customers reduce their usage through energy efficiency programs than to acquire additional, more costly energy resources. Information on Avista’s range of energy efficiency programs is available at www.everylittlebit.com.


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