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Avista Presents Check for Almost $11,000 to City of Kellogg for Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Avista to present check tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Kellogg City Hall

SPOKANE, Wash. – June 19, 2006: Energy efficiency incentives offered by Avista Utilities to its Idaho customers have resulted in a $10,998 rebate to the City of Kellogg, Idaho, for upgrades to the former City Hall building in uptown Kellogg. The rebate equals the first year of annual energy savings realized by the City with the new energy efficient equipment.

Upgrades to the building at 323 Main that qualified for rebates include replacing a 1949 boiler with a high efficiency natural gas furnace with gas roof top units, adding central air conditioning, installing programmable thermostats and retrofitting lighting.

Sharmon Schmitt, Avista regional account executive for northern Idaho, said Avista worked with Jamie Sharp, superintendent of public works for the City of Kellogg, to audit several city facilities for the purpose of identifying areas for energy savings.

Sharp said receiving the rebate is a good deal for the City of Kellogg.

“When something unexpected happens to our aging equipment, it is a big deal for us with our tight budgets,” Sharp said. “It is nice to receive the upfront rebates from Avista to help us with the cost of replacing the city’s old equipment with new high efficiency models. This is the second time the City has received a rebate from Avista to help us with upgrading equipment.”

Avista’s energy efficiency rebate program is a win-win situation for the company and for commercial customers who take advantage of the program according to Schmitt.

“When a commercial operation upgrades its older equipment with new energy efficient models, the business immediately begins to reduce its monthly energy usage, thus reducing its costs. That reduction in demand means Avista can reduce its costs by not having to purchase power on the open market and can delay construction of new, costly power plants,” Schmitt said.

In addition to offering energy incentives for commercial operations, Avista also has conservation programs and rebates for residential customers. In the first quarter 2006, Avista provided about $1.5 million in energy efficiency rebates to commercial and residential customers for a total energy savings of almost 15 million kilowatt hours and almost 300,000 therms of natural gas.

“Avista wants to make sure our customers, whether commercial or residents, have programs available to help them get the most from their energy dollar and to help manage their costs,” said Schmitt.

For more information on rebates and conservation, visit www.avistautilities.com .

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