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Avista Presents Check for Nearly $58,000 to Mullan School District for Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Avista to present check Monday, April 16 at 11:00 a..m. at the School District Administration Building, 345 Park Ave., Mullan, Idaho

Spokane, Wash.: Energy efficiency incentives offered by Avista to its customers have resulted in a $57,698 rebate to the Mullan School District for upgrades to its facilities. Under the Avista program, the amount of the rebate is based in part on the calculated first year annual energy savings realized by the school district as a result of the energy efficiency upgrades.

Qualifying upgrades made by the school district include replacing an aged boiler and making repairs, upgrades and additions to the pneumatic control system for the central plant which operates all of the school district’s heating facilities. In addition, a web-based system controller was added for remote viewing and adjusting of building functions. Avista projects the school district will save over $24,000 annually and reduce its natural gas consumption by 23,000 therms as a result of the energy efficiency steps taken.

Mullan School District Superintendent, Robin Stanley, said “The District is very pleased to have been able to work with Avista on the upgrades to our heating systems. In addition to the cash rebate, Avista also provided valuable technical assistance in recommending targeted upgrades that have resulted in significant financial savings to the District. It has been a long time since the District could look forward to a decrease in energy costs.”

Avista’s energy efficiency rebate program is a win-win situation for the company and for customers who take advantage of the program according to Sharmon Schmitt, Avista account executive who worked with the Mullan School District on its energy efficiency upgrades.

“When a customer replaces older equipment or appliances with new energy efficient models and implements other conservation efforts, the customer will immediately begin to reduce monthly energy use. That helps the customer better manage their energy costs and helps Avista reduce its costs as well. Plus, reduced energy consumption is good for our environment,” Schmitt said.

In addition to offering energy incentives for commercial operations, Avista also has conservation programs and rebates for residential and industrial customers. In the first quarter 2007, Avista provided about $1.6 million in energy efficiency rebates to customers for a total energy savings of over 13 million kilowatt hours and almost 550,000 therms of natural gas.

“Avista wants to make sure customers have an array of programs available to help them better manage their energy consumption and costs,” said Schmitt.

For more information on energy efficiency rebates and for conservation tips, visit www.avistautilities.com.

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