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Avista Provides Over $125,000 in Energy Efficiency Rebates to Whitman County Businesses and Schools in First Quarter 2009
Energy savings are enough to power 26 homes for a year and provide 31 homes with natural gas


 Whitman County school districts and businesses started 2009 by reducing their energy usage and receiving $127,400 in total rebates and incentives through energy efficiency programs offered by Avista during the first quarter 2009.


The Rosalia School District and Wheatland Inn in Colfax are among the 17 businesses in Whitman County that implemented a range of qualifying energy saving measures at their locations, saving a total of 310,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity and over 26,000 therms of natural gas. The savings are enough to power 26 homes for one year and provide natural gas to 31 homes for a year. 


The Rosalia School District received a rebate for over $90,000 for replacing an existing 45 percent efficient boiler used for heating with multiple roof top units that are more than 80 percent efficient, saving about $25,800 annually in natural gas costs.


Dr. Tom Crowley, superintendent for the Rosalia School District, said “We greatly appreciate the incentives provided by Avista for our energy efficiency upgrades. The economy is impacting schools in a big way, so it would be tough to do any updates without this help.”


The Wheatland Inn in Colfax received over $3,000 in incentives in the first quarter of 2009 for adding a foyer and new entry door to reduce winter infiltration and adding heat exchangers to more efficiently heat the spa and a conference room. The facility received incentives in 2007 and 2008 for efficiency upgrades including replacing light bulbs in guest rooms with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). By switching to CFLs, the Wheatland Inn reduced its energy consumption by over 172,000 kWh, which is enough to power 14 homes for one year.


Bruce Folsom, manager of demand side management for Avista, said the rebates and incentives are key tools customers can use to help manage their energy use and resulting costs.


“It seems counter-intuitive to pay customers to use less of your product. It benefits our customers more if we provide incentives to help them use less energy than it does if we have to purchase additional energy or build new generating facilities to meet the growing demand for energy,” Folsom said.


Information on energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by Avista for residential, commercial and industrial customers is available www.everylittlebit.com, along with other energy-saving information.


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