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Avista Sends Additional Crews to Assist in Service Restoration in Areas Hit by Storm
Company crews make good progress overnight To report an outage to Avista, call customer service at (800) 227-9187

Spokane, Wash.: Avista has dispatched six additional crews from Spokane and Coeur d’Alene to assist its Colville area crews in restoring service to the 2,621 customers who remain without service at 11:30 a.m. today.

In the Colville area 887 customers remain without service; 334 in the Gifford area; 380 in the Kettle Falls area; 175 in Davenport; and 669 in the Valley area, as well as scattered outages in the outlying areas. Avista expects the majority of customers will have service restored by late today, but anticipates it will be Friday before all customers are fully restored.

Avista crews will focus its work today on areas that when repaired will restore service to the largest number of customers at one time. The next priority will be single residences and small groups of customers on lines that extend outward from more densely populated areas.

Customers may see neighbors’ lights come back on but remain without power themselves. One reason this occurs is not all circuits are restored at once and different parts of a neighborhood may be on difference circuits. Another cause is one customer’s service may come directly off a primary line, which is repaired first, while another customer is served from a secondary line.

Customers who remain without power are asked to call Avista at (800) 227-9187.

For more safety information, visit www.avistautilities.com.

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