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Avista Suggests Customers Prepare for Possibility of Power Outages with Continued Snowfall
Call Avista at (800) 227-9187 to report an outage; track outages at www.avistautilities.com

SPOKANE, Wash. – Dec. 24, 2008:  The expected combination of continuing heavy snowfall and temperatures warming into the 30’s by Sunday could result in power outages from frozen, snow-laden trees and branches coming into contact with power lines. To make sure customers are prepared for the possibility of an outage, Avista offers for following suggestions: 

  • Have an emergency preparedness kit with a flashlight and fresh batteries, battery-powered radio, battery or wind-up alarm clock, candles and holders, matches and manual can opener.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors have fresh batteries. Even those alarms wired to a home’s electrical system should have a fresh back-up battery.
  • Identify the operating requirements of gas equipment. During an outage, appliances with electronic ignitions will not work because electricity is needed to ignite the natural gas. In addition, appliances requiring fans or other electric devices to run (such as central heating units and gas clothes dryers) will not operate.
  • Have a full-charged cell phone or land-line telephone. Cordless phones will not work without electricity.
  • Fill containers with water and add to a refrigerator or freezer that is not full. This will help food stay cold longer.
  • Assist family members or neighbors who may be vulnerable if exposed to cold temperatures and make sure their vents and meters are clear of snow and ice.

If you lose power, check to see if your neighbors have also lost power, then call Avista at (800) 227-9187 to report the outage. Avista’s automated phone system can provide additional information if you are part of a larger known outage. Once outages are reported, they can be tracked online at www.avistautilities.com.


It is also important to gently clear snow and ice from natural gas and electric meters to prevent damage. Do not kick or hit a natural gas meter or its piping to break away built-up snow or ice. If a meter is covered with solid ice, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call Avista for assistance at (800) 227-9187.

For additional safety information, visit www.avistautilities.com


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