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Avista Urges Sandpoint Area Customers to Keep Meters, Appliance Vents Clear of Snow
Blocked meters and vents can cause variety of problems for homeowners

Spokane, Wash.: SPOKANE, Wash. – Feb. 5, 2008: Avista is urging customers in the Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry area to make sure their electric and natural gas meters, as well as appliance vents are clear of snow and ice. The excessive weight from recent snow falls can damage the meters and cause problems for homeowners.

When removing snow from roofs, Greg Gfeller, Avista’s Sandpoint manager, said it’s also important not to drop the snow onto the electric or natural gas meter below and to insure the meters are clear and accessible once the snow removal is completed.

“Meters are rugged devices that can withstand harsh temperatures, but the heavy weight of snow can damage them,” Gfeller said. “Also, make sure exterior vents are clear of snow, because direct-vent appliances in your home need an uninterrupted supply of fresh air and a clear exhaust path in order to work safely and efficiently.”

When clearing snow from a natural gas meter, never kick or hit the meter or its piping. If your meter is covered with solid ice, don’t attempt to remove it yourself. Please call Avista for assistance at (800) 227-9187.

Natural gas is one of America's best energy sources because it is clean, reliable and efficient. But, like other forms of energy, natural gas can be dangerous if used improperly.

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