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Avista Utilities Urges Customers to Keep it Safe with Natural Gas
Call Avista Utilities at (800) 227-9187 to report natural gas odors

Spokane, Wash., February 11// -- If your family smelled an odor of rotten eggs in your home, would you know what it was and what to do? Natural gas is a safe, clean burning and efficient fuel, but if you use it in your home or business, Avista Utilities wants you to be familiar with some basic precautions.

If you smell or hear escaping gas
In its natural state, natural gas is colorless and odorless. As a safeguard, natural gas is mixed with a distinctive odorant that smells like rotten eggs. If you smell gas in your home or business, follow these safety steps:

. Do not smoke, light matches, turn electrical switches on or off, use the telephone or take any other action that might create a spark.
. Evacuate everyone in your home or building.
. Telephone Avista Utilities at (800) 227-9187 immediately from a neighbor's home.
. Do not go back inside your home or building until Avista Utilities says it is safe to do so.
. Keep others away from the area.

Most American homes (61.1 million households) use natural gas, according to the American Gas Association. Two-thirds of all new houses built in 2003 were equipped with gas heat. Customers like natural gas for comfort, value, reliability and ease of use.

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