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Avista and Palouse Wind Encourage Taking a Break to Learn about Wind Power
New informational kiosk at Horn School Rest Area near Rosalia, Wash., provides learning opportunity on wind power


Aug. 4, 2015: Travelers on Highway 195 between Spokane and Pullman can now take a break at the Horn School Rest Area near Rosalia, Wash., and learn how energy is generated from wind in the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse.

 Palouse Wind LLC and Avista partnered on developing an informational kiosk, recently installed in the Horn School Rest Area across Highway 195 from the 58-unit wind site. While viewing the kiosk, visitors can see the turbines which are as tall as a 38-story building and with blades the length of 10 cars parked bumper to bumper.

Avista is purchasing the energy produced by the Palouse Wind project under a 30-year power purchase agreement and takes delivery of the power through a direct interconnection to an Avista transmission line. This is the first wind project built within Avista’s service area.

 “Wind power generated in the Palouse is an important component of Avista’s diverse energy mix, producing up to 105 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. We are pleased to be able to partner with Palouse Wind on the informational kiosk and provide the opportunity for our customers, students and visitors to the area learn about this resource,” said Jason Thackston, Avista’s senior vice president of energy resources.

 "At Palouse Wind, we are excited to be partnering with Avista to help provide their customers, our neighbors in Eastern Washington, with clean energy.  Tapping a previously unused resource -- the wind blowing over the Palouse hills of eastern Washington -- we are able to produce enough electrical energy, to power a city about the size of Pullman, Wash.,” said Greg Scorsone, Palouse Wind operations manager. “Palouse Wind, along with parent company SunEdison,are proud to be part of a nationwide effort to move this nation towards clean, renewable energy sources.”

 Free brochures replicating the kiosk information are available from chambers of commerce in the towns surrounding the Palouse Wind site.

 About Avista Utilities
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