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Avista and Washington Elementary School partner for energy savings
Energy efficiency upgrades result in rebates through popular Avista programs

Sept 25, 2015:  As the result of energy efficiency improvements made to Washington Elementary School in 2015, as well as an on-going partnership between Avista and the Medford School District, Avista will be presenting a check to Washington for approximately $12,500 in energy efficiency incentives!

The Medford School District has completed many efficiency upgrades at Washington, including the recent insulation of flooring which helps the site save energy by maintaining temperature.

 “The insulation retrofit project at Washington is estimated to save the Medford School District over 3,600 therms and $3,000 annually in avoided natural gas consumption. The savings realized, not only from this project but other ongoing conservation efforts District-wide, will be redirected into programs and services for our students.” said Lief Hochendoner our Resource Conservation Specialist

 Another project in 2009 resulted in $7,529 in energy efficiency incentives for Washington after the installation of a high efficiency natural gas boiler saved over 15,000 therms of natural gas.

 “In addition to the energy savings, the District sees educational benefits from these projects,” said Hochendoner. “They help create a better learning environment for our students. The insulation project will make the classrooms more comfortable by buffering the outside weather conditions. Without the energy efficiency rebate provided by Avista, the Medford School District would not have been able to complete this project and would have missed out on an entire year of energy savings and classroom comfort.”

 Avista offers a number of energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers as a tool to help reduce their energy usage and resulting costs. These tariff-based programs have been offered for over three decades because it generally costs less to help customers reduce their usage through energy efficiency programs than to acquire additional, more costly energy resources.

 “The energy efficiency programs offered by Avista provide us with a great opportunity to assist our local schools as they achieve their energy efficiency goals and increase the sustainability of a valued community resource. It is a pleasure working with Washington Elementary, and we look forward to helping them continue their focus on energy efficiency,” said Steve Vincent, Avista’s Regional Business Manager.

Information on energy efficiency programs and other energy management tools for customers is available at www.avistautilities.com/savings.

 Avista will be presenting a check to the fifth grade classroom at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 29.  Washington Elementary School located at 610 South Peach Street
Medford, OR 97501

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