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Avista to Decommission Odorant Tanks
Tanks contain "rotten egg" odor for detection of natural gas

Spokane, Wash.: Avista will begin decommissioning a number of aging odorant tanks on Tuesday, March 13, in Coeur d’Alene. The tanks contain varying amounts of mercaptan, a chemical that gives the rotten egg smell to natural gas. The odorant is used so that natural gas leaks can be easily detected since natural gas has no odor of its own.

The project will take place at the Avista Coeur d’Alene Service Center, located at 1735 N. 15th Street. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the day.

There is no natural gas involved in this process; however it is possible that minor amounts of mercaptan could be released while the tanks are disassembled. The media and public should be aware that this does not signal a natural gas leak and there is no danger to the community.

However, all natural gas customers are reminded to observe normal safety precautions if they smell gas inside the home or place of business.

If you smell or hear gas
Natural gas, when mixed with air and exposed to an ignition source, is combustible. If you smell gas in your home, follow these steps:
. Do not smoke, light matches, turn electrical switches on or off, use the telephone or take any other action that might create a spark.
. Open outside doors and windows, if possible.
. Telephone Avista Utilities from a neighbor's phone.

If you hear the sound of escaping gas, follow these steps:
. Evacuate everyone in your home or building.
. Telephone Avista Utilities immediately from a neighbor's phone.
. Don't go back inside your home or building until Avista Utilities says it is safe.
. Keep others away from the area.

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