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Avista to Present Energy Efficiency Rebate Check for over $100,000 to Roseburg Public Schools
Presentation will be made at school board meeting on April 23, at 7:00 p.m.

Incentives offered by Avista to its Oregon natural gas customers have resulted in a $102,042 rebate to the Roseburg Public Schools for energy efficiency upgrades to four of the district’s schools.

 Upgrades at Roseburg High School, John C. Fremont and Joseph Lane middle schools, and Green Elementary School range from new insulation on boiler pipes to system controls and will save the district an estimated 29,600 therms per year or almost $40,000 in annual natural gas costs. Under Avista’s programs, the rebate amount is calculated based on annual energy savings of each project.


Steve Vincent, Oregon regional business manager for Avista, commends the school district for its commitment to energy savings.


“It was a pleasure for Avista to work with Roseburg Public Schools and its contractor McKinstry Co. on cost-effective ways the district could save on its energy costs. By leveraging Avista’s energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs, the school district is reducing its energy costs for years to come. That’s very important in a time of declining budgets and rising prices in every sector,” Vincent said.


Avista offers a number of energy efficiency rebates and incentives for residential, commercial and industrial customers within its service area of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and portions of southern and northeastern Oregon. In 2007, Avista’s Oregon customers received almost $445,000 in energy efficiency rebates and incentives which helped customers save 191,000 therms of natural gas.


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addition to those discussed herein, all of the factors discussed in the company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended Dec. 31, 2007.

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