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Interactive Technology to Enhance Science Center and Museum Experience
New exhibit system 'PassPort to Discovery™' to launch August 1, 2009

SPOKANE, Wash., July 29 // -- Mobius Science Center and Charles J. Simon, founder of pioneering technology companies and nationally recognized software developer, announced today the introduction of the "PassPort to Discovery™" System, an innovative interactive exhibit system designed to customize the visitor experience at science centers, museums, and other exhibit venues. Onscreen talking avatars greet visitors by name and can paraphrase the exhibit content.

Charles Simon, the developer of the PassPort to Discovery™ says, "This system was created to allow MobiusLab visitors to enjoy their exploration more by creating a totally customized and unique experience for them. This is the only exhibit technology that allows visitors to capture their experience on their own ID card and have it remember their individual preferences every time they visit the exhibit."

The system will debut at Mobius Science Center's "MobiusLab -- Hands on Science" exhibition in Spokane, Washington beginning August 1 through September 30, 2009 which will include exhibits developed by the Exploratorium of San Francisco.

10,000 visitors are expected to use the PassPort to Discovery™ System during this free presentation. The system includes touch screen computers associated with each exhibit and unique visitor passes which can be sensed by the computers. Most of an exhibit's text content--normally signage--is replaced by the touch screen so content can be enhanced and targeted to the visitor's specific interests and tailored by grade-level and language. "The PassPort enhances the learning process through a uniquely engaging experience using audio, video, animations, questions, points, and competition," said Anne Marie Axworthy, Mobius Board Member and Director Community Development, Avista Utilities.

About Mobius Science Center

Mobius Science Center will be home to a one-of-a-kind science center designed to provide youth and adults with a unique blend of experience, education and entertainment that brings science and technology to life. Located on the north bank of the beautiful Spokane River, the $29.5 million facility will break ground in 2011 at the Michael P. Anderson Plaza, founded in memory of the late NASA astronaut. It will feature interactive exhibits reflecting the region's natural and technological resources and showcasing the best of science from the Inland Northwest and around the world. Through hands-on, interactive experiences and experiential exhibits, visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience the wonders of science - and understand its relevance to their daily lives. The facility will also include a state-of-the-art 3-D digital theater.

Over $11.3 million dollars has been raised to-date to build Mobius Science Center where science becomes engaging and accessible to every family in the region. To learn more, go to www.mobiuslab.org.

About Charles Simon

Originally from San Francisco, CA, Mr. Simon has co-founded three pioneering technology companies, GiftSpot.com acquired by GiftCertificates.com, Bentley's Continuum and a CAD for printed-circuit company. Also, he managed major development projects for MSNBC.com and 2Wire, Inc. He has gained national attention in write-ups by Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, PC Magazine and others.

To find out more about the Exploratorium visit http://www.exploratorium.edu/.

SOURCE Mobius Science Center

SOURCE: Mobius Science Center

Web site: http://www.mobiuslab.org/

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