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Predicted rain and warmer temperatures likely to bring increased water flow into Lake Spokane.
Water level could increase if weather prediction holds.

SPOKANE, Wash.  Jan. 25, 2016: Avista Utilities is advising shoreline property owners that Lake Spokane’s water level is likely to increase due to higher than normal temperatures and an inch of rain by weeks end.  The actual increase in lake level is dependent on the amount of precipitation and snow melt that will occur in the basin.

With this, Avista is reminding property owners and lake-users who have begun permitted maintenance or other projects near the shoreline to make necessary preparations for increased water levels.

As with all winter drawdowns water levels are subject to change due to a variety of factors, such as weather (rain on snow events in the upper drainage), higher than normal temperatures, and/or maintenance at the Long Lake Dam. Lake users should always be alert to signs of such changes and exercise the highest level of personal caution and safety.

Customers can access waterflow information at avistautilities.com/waterflow or if you prefer the information is available on a 24-hour telephone information line. You will find notification of anticipated elevation changes on Lake Spokane, the Spokane River and Coeur d’Alene Lake. In Washington call (509) 495-8043 and in Idaho call (208) 769-1357.

The recorded information is provided to advise shoreline property owners, commercial and recreational users of changes in the lake and river elevation levels that may affect plans for water use.


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