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Regional Educational Institutions save Energy and Dollars through Avista’s Efficiency Programs
Spokane Public Schools to receive an Avista incentive check for over $444,000 at Feb. 24 Board of Directors meeting


Educational institutions throughout Avista’s three-state service area, as well as across the nation, are wrestling with declining budgets and looking at every opportunity to reduce costs. That’s where Avista’s energy efficiency programs are providing assistance.


Forty-one school districts, private schools and higher education institutions served by Avista saved enough electricity in 2009 to power 700 homes for a year and natural gas to serve 173 homes. The savings were achieved by upgrading older equipment to new high efficiency models or by incorporating new high efficiency measures into building design. The projects qualified for almost $2.4 million in total energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by Avista.


Bruce Folsom, Avista’s director of energy efficiency, said the programs are a win-win for schools and for Avista.


“The opportunity to receive a rebate or incentive can make the difference in whether a school or college can move forward with an efficiency project that will provide immediate and long-term energy and cost savings,” Folsom said. “Helping customers use less energy is also a benefit because generally it is less expensive to offer energy efficiency programs than it is to acquire additional, more costly energy resources to meet increasing customer demand.”


Hear a podcast of Folsom talking about Avista’s energy efficiency programs and total 2009 customer savings at www.avistautilities.com/community/blog/Media/AvistaPodcast_EP_1_FINAL.mp3 .


Spokane Public Schools will be presented a $444,344 incentive check by Avista for energy efficiency improvements made to district facilities in 2009. Some of the district projects that qualified for Avista incentives include high efficiency upgrades incorporated into the Rogers High School remodel, which has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, and the installation of network-based power management software that will significantly reduce energy waste on over 10,000 district computers.


The check presentation will be made to the Board of Directors for Spokane Public Schools at their Feb. 24 meeting at 7 p.m., 200 N. Bernard St.


“We are grateful to Avista for providing opportunities that allow the school district to save taxpayer dollars,” said SPS Associate Superintendent Mark Anderson. “These efforts represent a true community partnership.”


Over the last five years, Spokane Public Schools has received over $1.2 million in energy efficiency incentives from Avista for upgrades made to a number of district facilities, saving enough electricity during that time to power 466 homes for a year and provide natural gas to 126 homes.


Avista offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates, incentives and other energy management tools for residential, commercial and industrial customers. For information on the programs and other energy saving information, visit www.everylittlebit.com.


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